Everyone prefers to have their own uniquely designed t-shirts and they want to stand out from the crowd. When you want to add a unique design to your t-shirt, there are two primary methods to choose from: silk screen printing and heat transfer printing. It’s can be tricky to know what the right application is for your garment, and both processes have their own pros and cons. Here is some helpful info about both processes…

Heat Transfer
Heat transfer is a process of printing garments in which the printed design is transferred from the paper to the garment through heat and pressure. In this process, art work is printed with specialty ink on specialty paper and then transferred to a garment by applying heat with a heat press. This process lets you to print full color images on garments. The recent advancements in heat transfer technologies have made this process better and it is also easier to make this type of printing on garments, but this is a more time consuming process.

3 Pros of Heat Transfer:
1. Clean and environmentally safe, which makes it appealing in today’s health and safety conscious work environments.
2. Can use several colors, as long as they do not overlap.
3. They can be inexpensive for small runs of printing.

3 Cons of Heat Transfer:
1. Expensive set-up costs and expensive on large quantities of garments.
2. The print may fade after a few washes.
3. They do not look as professional as a silk screen printed t-shirt.

Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is a traditional and most widely used method to print on different materials, anything from t-shirts, fabrics and even wood. This is a process in which images are created through a type of stencil process.

Artwork is separated into its different colors, and then screens are burned with all the different color separations. Since the different colors have to be lined up perfectly, the art work is limited to the number of screens a specific printing machine can hold. Most of the printing machines can hold up to six screens and this limits the printing of artwork up to six colors.

3 Pros of Screen Printing:
1. The garments with silk screen printing can withstand the roughness of machine washing as the ink is heat dried.
2. Cost effective on larger quantities.
3. They have no limits on size and it is possible to do all over prints.

3 Cons of Screen Printing:
1. Expensive on smaller quantities.
2. As each color is applied separately which makes the cost go up with every additional color.
3. If there are many colors to be used, the turnaround time gets longer.

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