What is CMYK Screen Printing?

Custom screen printed shirts are some of the best items you can offer to your audience or organization. When you are custom screen printing, keep in mind that inks for screen printing are different from those of other processes. CMYK screen-printing is a popular print process that reduces ink colors to minimize cost.

CMYK is the abbreviation for Cyan–Magenta–Yellow–Black

C is cyan (Aqua)

M is magenta (Pink)

Y is yellow (yellow)

K is a pure black ink (key)

Advantages of CMYK Screen Printing

  • Fewer screens.
  • More productivity.
  • Cost minimizing.

Why is CMYK Screen Printing cheaper to produce?

Instead of pre-choosing all the colors in the design, with CMYK process printing, you design first, and separate all the obtained colors into Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.

Because the technique doesn’t allow for more than one color to be applied at the same time, a different screen must be created for each tone. For this reason, the less colorful a design is, then the cheaper it will be to produce.

Color is everything

Think back to school when you were painting and used blue and yellow to get green, that is the theory of the whole process. There are millions of different color combinations you can create using CMYK. Want to see for yourself? Use a CMYK color calculator to play around with different color combinations.

100 brilliant color combinations and how to apply them to your designs

Print with the Experts

Your shirt is only as good as your printer. In any custom CMYK Screen Printing scenario, refer to the experts. Get a custom quote on your next apparel purchase. Rick’s Tease offers Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Custom T-shirt Design. Check out our other blog topics for more T-Shirt Design Ideas.