Special events, employee recognition, client gifts—all of these occasions are perfect opportunities to order custom, remarkable promotional giveaways that take your brand (and possibly your budget) to the next level. But with so many options out there, how are you to know which promotional products are most effective?

5 types of must-have promotional products

We’ve got you covered! This is a list of the 5 types of promotional giveaways smart marketers always keep on hand. You never know when the occasion will arise to delight someone with a promo product!

1. Apparel

Sports apparel, specifically, is always big year-round. From juggernauts like Nike and Adidas to smaller brands such as Sport-Tek and Team 365, promotional sports apparel is especially popular with businesses and events. Anyone can easily find a use for a performance t-shirt or jacket as they can be worn to work out, do yard work, and more. However to take it a step up, we’d recommend a nice quality performance polo, such as the Nike Golf Dri-Fit Micro Pique Polo Shirt.

2. Drinkware

Drinkware is a big part of any promotional strategy. Everyone loves receiving bottles, cups, or other types of drinkware because they make convenient holders of hot and cold drinks alike. Putting your brand front and center gets it in front of many eyes as users typically carry their branded drinkware around wherever they go. A popular and trending product right now are rubberized bottles.

3. Technology

Promotional products are most effective when they are all about usefulness. Tech giveaways get their own spot on this list because they’re some of the most useful promotional products you can buy. But beyond their usefulness, tech giveaways are also some of the most popular promotional products among recipients.

Why are tech-related giveaways must-haves for smart marketers? One of the main goals of giveaways is to increase brand exposure, and one of the most effective ways to do that is by giving away products that people find valuable so that they’ll actually use them. We recommend this Large Tech Essentials Mug Kit or a simple Earbuds Accessory Kit.

4. Headware

Headwear is an effective tool for any type of promotional campaign, especially seasonal campaigns in the fall and winter. Whether it’s cold outside and you need a beanie to cover your head from the frigid cold, or you need a cap to shield your eyes from the sun, we can help!

Caps such as the Nike Golf Dri-FIT Swoosh Perforated Cap do a great job of reducing sun glare while keeping your head cool. Winter hats, such as beanies and toques, keep your warm regardless of how cold it is outside. And for the techie that’s cold, we have the Bluetooth Knit Beanie with built-in Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones with a mic so you can listen to music or take phone calls no matter how snowy it is.

5. Lighthearted Items

Your giveaways shouldn’t be all business, all the time. Sometimes, promotional products are most effective when they can show a lighter side of your company. That’s when smart marketers pull out their fun promotional giveaways. We’re talking about the types of products that leave a lasting and impression and make your brand memorable. They help your business stand out by showing that your team has fun and loves what they do. Like custom Silly Putty, a Solar Powered Dancing Duck, or this  Talking Pen.

When the time is right, giving away lighthearted promotional items can brighten anyone’s day!

Which promotional products are most effective?

If you choose to make promotional products for business a priority in your marketing budget, they will not disappoint. Just let the facts do the talking. Here are helpful stats from Sage about promotional products that we just can’t argue with:

Promo product stats infographic

We understand figuring out what is right for your brand can be overwhelming. There is a lot that goes into ordering the perfect promotional product. Chat with us, brand specialists and custom promo product extraordinaires, and our tips will help guide you along the path of ordering the perfect apparel for your company: 423-43TEASE.